More Job Tips to Avoid

If I had a dollar for every piece of bad job advice I’ve been given through the years, I’d be rich and wouldn’t even have to work! Your friends, family and co-workers who are be doling out this kind of advice don’t mean any intentional harm to your job search, but you will find that it gets you nowhere – fast. So read on for more job tips to avoid and steer clear at all costs!

1. Never mention money. It is unrealistic to expect the topic of compensation to not come up by the second interview. By this time both you and the employer have gotten to know each other better and have invested real time and resources to the process. To not “talk money” could create unrealistic impressions on either party’s side. In terms of interviewing, the more straightforward, the better.

2) Only send your resume through the normal channels. While the job in question might be advertised on the corporate website or an online job board, there are other ways to get your resume to stand out. Actually, sending off your resume or a link to it through an alternative format such as Linked In, Facebook or Twitter may actually make you stand out in your job search.

3) Paper resumes are pass√©. Don’t believe it. Even in this day and age of e-mail and instant messaging, paper resumes are still relevant and respected. Sending a resume through snail-mail has a tangible nature in the fact that it will actually be opened, read and set on a hiring manager’s desk. On the other hand, an electronic resume may get caught up in a spam filter and never seen again. Best bet, do both!

4) Share references immediately. Actually, don’t. It is best to hold off on sharing your references until after the second interview when you can sense that everything is going very well. The same goes for submitting to aptitude tests, questionnaires, and so on – although don’t come off as resistant; just say you’d like to chat first to determine a mutual interest.