The Key To Successful Personal Branding

The financial advisor has become one of the hottest employment positions in the nation, with the opportunity to make six-figure incomes, increase personal knowledge and participate in a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about reaching their full potential. Personal branding provides a critical framework for allowing you to market your knowledge and experience to a finance industry recruiter to get the position you need to reach your personal goals.

Importance of Your Personal Brand

Personal branding is a strategy that utilizes traditional marketing concepts such as packaging, image building, selling and self-promotion, much as is done with any other product. However, the product is you, and you must find a coherent personal message to send through a polished and consistent image.

Concepts of Successful Personal Branding

Because personal branding involves a person, not a product, a few key concepts are critical to its success:

  • Uniqueness – Your brand must highlight the individual qualities that make you unique and memorable to your “market.”
  • Relevance – The promotion of your brand must speak to the needs of the marketplace now.
  • Authenticity – Your brand must represent what you truly are and the unique qualities you can bring to the table.
  • Consistency – Your brand must never wobble, either on the facts or the tone. Successful branding depends on a reliable message that delivers on its promise.

The Benefits of Personal Branding

Once you have established your personal brand, you will find it provides a number of benefits to your employment goals and your life in general:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Heightened visibility and presence
  • Gives more power and control over interactions
  • Allows you to differentiate yourself from the pack
  • Helps you to reach your personal goals.
  • Offers increased career resilience

Creating Your Personal Brand

Building a personal brand is not a difficult process. The odds are, you are already doing it without realizing that’s what you are doing. People routinely depend upon their personal characteristics and history to project their image to others. Branding is simply refining this process into a more controlled and consistent message.

Build Your Brand

Building your personal brand should include:

    • Understanding how others perceive you -Ensure that you refine the exterior packaging of your product, you, so that it is perceived in a favorable way. This action includes clothing, grooming, speech patterns, vocabulary and other details of your personal habits. Some people find that seeing a video of themselves helps to provide a clear picture of how others see them.
    • Leverage your uniqueness – Your individuality is a unique asset that you should project in your image. Utilize your history, training, personal accomplishments and skills to project a memorable image.
    • Show your passion -If you are passionate about your work and your life, it will be communicated to others in a memorable way. As you choose your educational and career paths, show your enthusiasm for your work and goals. Others will invariably be willing to follow along.
    • Clarify your values – Some people view the world through the prism of family, rational thought or a broad worldview. Determine what your values are and capitalize on these in the creation of your image.
  • Understand where you want to go – A clear vision of where you want your life to go can help you to be understood by others who can help you get there. If you are authentically yourself and engage with others on an honest basis, your personal goals can easily dovetail with theirs.